How to Remove Gel Nail Polish with the Nail Steamer

Follow these simple instructions and find out How to use the Nail Steamer to take off Gel Nail Polish with the Nail Steamer.

  • Kinder to Hands and Nails
  • Uses less Acetone so Saves you Money
  • Comfortable design, Warm  & Relaxing
  • Professional or Home use

Watch the Video or Read the Instructions below.

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish Using the Nail Steamer

1 FILE - How to remove gel polish

Step One – FILE

Using a course nail file, buff the nails to remove the top coat and expose the colour layers underneath.

Removing the protective top coat layer allows the acetone mist to penetrate through the coloured gel and base coat and soften them, so the gel nail polish is easy to remove.

Do NOT buff down as far as the natural nail, as you don’t want to damage it.

Step Two – STEAM

Add 5 ml of acetone to the tray inside the nail steamer. You can see the level mark on the tray so you know exactly how much to use. Press the button to pre-warm the acetone and create the mist.

When the timer sounds, the nail steamer is ready to use. Insert you fingers through the holes and set the timer to 10 minutes. Sit back and relax.

After the timer sounds, take out you fingers and see if the gel polish is soft and pliable. If not, pop your fingers back into the nail steamer for a few minutes longer.

As  a rough guide, it takes about ten minutes to remove gel nail polish using soft gel polishes like CND shellac , while stronger gel polishes like Bluesky Gel Nail Polish & Gelish take around fifteen minutes due to the higher gel content.

2 STEAM OFF - How to remove gel polish
3 WIPE OFF - How to remove gel polish

Step Three – WIPE

When the gel polish is fully softened, use a wooden orange stick to gently push any remaining gel off the nails on to a tissue.

Give the nails a quick wipe that’s all you have to do.

Ta Da!