Does the Nail Steamer remove Gel Polish that was done in a Salon?

Does the Nail Steamer remove gel polish that was done in a salon?Yes – The nail steamer will remove UV gel nails polish that were done in a salon or nails you did yourself at home. The nail steamer will remove many different brands of UV gel polish it has been tested with. CND shellac, BlueSky, Gelish, Geleration, Young Nails. All of these brands were removed successfully with the nail steamer.

Does the Nail Steamer get very hot? - Could I burn my fingers?

Does the Nail Steamer get very hot? - Could I burn my fingers?No – The nail steamer does not get very hot. The nail steamer works on a heating system that when it reaches its required temperature it will not pass it. The nail steamer feels nice and comfortable on your nails and fingers. Not cold like acetone when it comes into contact with your skin.

Can I buy acetone solution refills for the steamer?

Can I buy acetone solution refills for the steamer?Yes – the scented acetone gel polish remover solution can be purchased separately any time.

Can I re use the acetone in the machine?

Can I re use the acetone in the machine?No – You cannot reuse the nail steamer solution. When you place the solution in the machine at the correct amount of 5ml, there should not be enough nail steamer solution to do another treatment. The nail steamer solution will evaporate when it reaches the correct temperature once this process has been completed the remainder solution left in the insert bowl has lost its removal properties.

Does it need cleaning out after every use and what does this involve?

Does the Nail Steamer need cleaning after every use?Yes – You need to clean the nail steamer insert bowl after each treatment. This is for hygiene purposes to have no cross contamination between uses. To clean the nail steamer pour a small amount of nail steamer solution on a damp cloth and wipe the inside of the bowl insert clean. This will clean the insert for your next treatment.

Could the Acetone mist damage my nails and cuticles?

Could the acetone mist damage my nails and cuticles?The acetone mist is much more gentle on your nails and cuticles that wrapping them in acetone soaked cotton wool or remover wraps.

Does it have a timer?

Does the Nail Steamer have a timer?Yes – The nail steamer gel removal system has a built in timer. The machine is set to indicate once the machine has been steaming for 5 minutes (indicated by 1 long beep) and 10 minutes (indicated by 2 shorter beeps one after another) The nail steamer also has side indication lights to show what cycle the steamer is currently in.

How long does it take to heat up?

How long does the Nail Steamer take to heat up?The nail steamer removal system will take approx. 2-3 minutes to heat up for use. The indicator light on the side of the nail steamer will show red when the system is heating and change to green once heated. You will also be notified the system has heated and is ready to use by the sounding of 1 short beep.

Can I use the Nail Steamer for ordinary nail polish?

Can I use the Nail Steamer for ordinary nail polish?Yes – the nail steamer can be used for ordinary regular nail polish, but check every few minutes as it won’t take as long for the polish to dissolve.

Can I use the Nail Steamer with ordinary acetone nail polish remover that I buy at my local store?

Can I use the Nail Steamer with ordinary acetone nail polish remover?The Nail Steamer Steam Off Solution is a specially formulated liquids containing, acetone, fragrance and base liquids to safely create the steam within the machine, reduce fumes and protect the natural nail.

Can the steam get too hot?

Can the steam in the Nail Steamer get too hot?No – The nail steamer has a built in thermostat which effectively regulates the temperature of the steam off solution inside. For example: An oven which is set to a temperature will switch on and off to maintain that constant set temperature. The nail steamer works in a similar way maintaining a constant and safe temperature whilst still creating the vapour required to remove our gel or shellac manicure.

Are there a lot of Acetone fumes?

Are there a lot of acetone fumes?No – There are less fumes than you would have removing gel polish the usual way with cotton wool or remover wraps, because the acetone mist is trapped in the nail steamer chamber.

Why do I need to buff the nails before using the Nail Steamer?

Why do I need to buff the nails before using the Nail Steamer?In general, most gel polish top coats used today are very strong, keeping your nails chip-free for 14 days or more by acting as a protective barrier to prevent damage to the layers underneath. Gel Polish Top coats can be reistant to the acetone. We recommend you buff the surface of the top coat with a course nail file to expose the colour layers before starting the procedure to break the seal and allow the acetone to penetrate the layers beneath. The acetone mist can dissolve the colour layers and the gel polish literally dissolves and drips off your nails without you having to do anything.

I have had my fingers in for 10 minutes and I still have gel polish on the nails - Why is this and What do I do?

The Nail Steamer hasn't removed all the nail polishMost gel polishes are dissolved after 10 minutes, but some extra strong brands can take a little longer. If not all the polish is gone, simply leave the nails in the nail steamer a bit longer if necessary to remove any stubborn bits. You can also use an orange stick to gently push away any softened, peeling bits of gel polish.

After using the Nail Steamer, what do I do?

After using the Nail Steamer what do I do?When the gel polish has been removed, you can simply carry on as usual. The nails are ready to be polished again, or you can simply rub in a little cuticle oil and leave them natural as they are.

I have gel nails, made using gel builder - Can I use the Nail Steamer?

Can I use the Nail Steamer to remove gel nails builder?The nail steamer is designed specifically to remove soak off gel and shellac polishes. The steamer has not been tested at length with gel builder manicures. However, if the gel builder used states it is a soak off gel builder the steamer may be effective at removing the product.

For  builder manicures it is advise to file the gel more heavily than is required with a standard gel polish or shellac.


I took my fingers out, but not all the polish was gone - Can I put them in again?

I took my fingers out of the Nail Steamer but not all of the polish was gone. Can I put them in again?Yes – You can just put in your fingers and expose them to the acetone mist a little longer if needed. Check your nails every few minutes after the 10 minutes are up, and you should see the remaining stubborn bits of polish peel away. Use an orange stick to push off the last remnants if necessary.

Is it noisy?

Is the Nail Steamer noisy?No, not at all. The steamer is as quiet as a mouse. The only sounds you will hear are the indicator sounds letting you know what stage your removal process is currently in.

Will the Nail Steamer work out cheaper than using removal wraps?

Will the Nail Steamer work out cheaper than using removal wraps?On average using removal wraps costs between £0.70 – £1.10 per set of nails depending on brand, quantity etc.

On average the cost of removal using cotton, foil and acetone is similar at £0.65 – £1.05 depending on brand, quantity and product etc.

The Nail Steamer comes with a 150ml steam off solution that will remove on average 30 manicures. The steam off solution liquid which is 570ml is size and costs £13.95 will remove on average 100 manicures! That means that you will only be paying £0.14 per removal! This long term savings can be huge to a salon.

What are your delivery charges?

What is the Nail Steamer delivery charge?We offer FREE delivery to the UK and Ireland.

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What is your returns policy?

What is your Nail Steamer returns policy?All customers are covered by distance selling rules and have 14 days from date of delivery to return the product un-opened and unused in it original condition. If a product is received damaged or is defective please contact us in order to rectify this issue. Customers are responsible for the return costs incurred if the item is not defective or damaged. If you need to return you nail steamer please email us info@nailsteamer.com

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