Nail Steamer + Nail Steamer Solution Deal

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Complete Nail Steamer Gel Polish Remover Set + Large Nail Steamer Solution Special Offer for just £90.99

Removes All Brands of Gel Polish in 10 Minutes using a warm, comfortable mist in 3 simple steps.  FILE – STEAM – WIPE!

Suitable for professional and home use.

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Product includes: Steam Off Gel Removal System + Power adapter + 150ml Melon Scented Bottle of Scented Nail Steamer Solution + Instruction Booklet  – PLUS –  570ml Bottle Nail Steamer Solution!

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Save more money with The Nail Steamer + Nail Steamer Solution Deal!

Get your Nail Steamer Gel Polish Removal System with a 150 mL Bottle of Melon Scented Nail Steamer Solution plus a full-sized of 570 ml Bottle of Melon Scented Nail Steamer Solution! You’ll get two bottles of Nail Steamer Solution from this amazing value deal.

Get the Nail Steamer + Nail Steamer Solution Deal for £ 90.99

Nail Steamer Solution is a professional gel removal solution that gives best result with the nail steamer. Unlike the general nail polish removers, the nail steamer solution is formulated for the optimal concentration of acetone to achieve the best results with your nail steamer, and won’t damage the nail steamer.

With gentle melon scent makes the experience of using the steamer much more pleasant, and you fingers don’t smell of chemicals when you finish. The bumper size 570ml bottles is enough for over 250 full manicures (at 10ml each)

How to to use the Nail Steamer:
1. Quickly file your nails to remove the top-coat and expose the colour layers.
2. Add a teaspoon of acetone to the dish, set the timer to warm up. Insert your fingers through the holes the ergonomic hand rest and set the automatic timer for ten minutes.
3. When the timer sounds, remove your hands and gently push the softened gel from your nails using a wooden stick.

The Nail Steamer + Nail Steamer Solution Deal Package includes:

  • Steam Off Gel Removal System
  • Power adapter
  • Mini-sized bottle of Melon Scented Nail Steamer Solution (150mL)
  • Full-sized bottle of Melon Scented Nail Steamer Solution (570mL)
  • Instruction Booklet


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